It's Monday! What Are You Reading? 8/13/12

Jen and Kellee host a weekly meme called "What Are You Reading? From Picture Books to YA." It encourages you to share what you read during the previous week and to plan what you're going to read/review during the current week. Thank you, Kelly and Jen, for hosting this fun meme.

The Secret of the Fortune Wookiee. By Tom Angleberger. Amulet Books, 2012. Interest level: grades 4-7.

I'm going to write a paragraph that would make Murky proud.

Folks, The Secret of the Fortune Wookiee is stooky. It's bolt. It's plastic dinosaurs and total rockets. Kids will shout, "Mr. Schu, you're right, it is amazing, wonderful, off the hook, fabulous, astonishing, terrific, extraordinary, jaw-dropping, and AWESOME."

I re-read the ten picture books featured in this video. You can skip to 3:40

Bill the Boy Wonder: The Secret Co-Creator of Batman. By Marc Tyler Nobleman. Illustrated by Ty Templeton. Charlesbridge, 2012. Interest level: grades 4-7.

Click here to read my interview with Marc T. Nobleman.

I will spend every waking moment working in my school library. I will most likely only finish one book this week.

Rifles for Watie. By Harold Keith. Harper, 1957.


  1. My students will love the Fortune Wookiee book trailer--thanks for sharing! I didn't realize Tom Angleberger's wife is an artist.

    Good luck in your library this week!

  2. I always love your videos. Funny that you should feature "The Library" by Sarah Stewart. I have that on reserve in my public library and I'm scheduled to pick it up this week. I would be featuring it as well as our current bimonthly theme is "Dusty Bookshelves and Library Loot" - can't wait to read it. The Secret of the Fortune Wookiee sounds fun too. :)

  3. My son read Fortune Wookie this week, too and he loved it. We have paper Fortune Wookies all over the house.

  4. Oh, my gosh! I love your Fortune Wookie shout out. Can't wait for this one! Good luck getting ready for school!


  5. Love hearing about The Library. I don't know it, so will look for it! Thanks!

  6. Ohhh...Fortune Wookie is on my shopping list! I know my kids will be super excited to get their hands on it. I'm planning to host a quick drawing the first week to see who gets to check out the first copies! I know what you mean about having no time to read despite the shelves we are surrounded by--I think we're all a little desperate to finish all of the required reading we put upon ourselves before we head back to our libraries.

  7. oh, Bill the Boy Wonder looks really good. Have a big base of superhero fans at my library.

  8. I'm so excited for Fortune Wookiee!!!! I just have to make it to the bookstore. Hopefully I can get there on Thursday. So excited! I love your paragraph! :)


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