Book Trailer Premiere: The Chicken Problem by Jennifer Oxley and Billy Aronson

What does it feel like to premiere the book trailer for one of my FAVORITE picture books of 2012? Let's see! It feels like discovering the tooth fairy left a $500 Anderson's Bookshop gift card under my pillow. Or maybe it feels like a philanthropist just walked into my school library and shouted (it would be fun if this generous person broke into a song-and-dance number), "It's your lucky day, Mr. Schu. I am donating thirty iPads to your school library, and I’m making sure you have the fastest Internet connection known to humankind." 

I can do better than that. I know! I know!  This feeling reminds me of the time I received an email informing me that my name would be on the ballot for the 2014 John Newbery Award Committee. That's it! 

OK, I think you have spent enough time reading about how excited I am for you to watch the book trailer for   one of the funniest picture books of 2012. Please click on the play button.  

Please come back on Sunday because I'm celebrating The Chicken Problem with Mr. Colby Sharp and the Nerdy Book Club.

Borrow The Chicken Problem from your school or public library. Whenever possible, please support independent bookshops


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