Ivy and Bean Blog-A-Bration (Week 6)

Greetings and salutations! I'm happy you dropped by for week six of the Ivy and Bean Blog-A-Bration.

I asked some of my book-loving friends to help me celebrate Ivy and Bean: Doomed to Dance.

*Ivy and Bean are fun and funny friends, who offer young readers interesting adventures and a welcoming world that captivates kids into a love of reading." -Teresa Rolfe Kravtin

*Ivy and Bean embody all the great things about being a child--curiosity, laughter, and everything is an adventure. -Alyson Beecher

*Ivy and Bean are friends who appreciate each other's differences." -Kimberley Moran

*Ivy and Bean have never once gotten cooties." -Mike Lewis

*Ivy and Bean are friends." -Geneva Library

"Ivy and Bean are best friends that play and go through other people's fence." Andrea Lawson's daughter

*Ivy and Bean are creative, mischievous 7 year olds who appear to be polar opposites, but actually are the best of friends." -Donna Macdonald

*There's only two times a year when you can see Ivy and Bean books on the shelves--first day and last day of classes. Kids love characters where they can see bits and pieces of themselves." -Margie Myers-Culver

*Ivy and Bean are broadly appealing to all kids--boys and girls, good and bad, rich and poor and in between." -Julie Falatko

*Ivy and Bean learn consequences--good and bad--for actions that kids don't even realize they dream of doing." -Julie Falatko

*Ivy and Bean are always guaranteed to make us all laugh so hard we have to stop reading to catch out breaths." -Julie Falatko

*Ivy and Bean are Ramona Quimby and Howie for the new millennium. - Julie Falatko

* Ivy and Bean are two little girls who are best friends and like to have adventures together. Bean is more playful. Ivy likes to read." -Madelyn Rosenberg's daughter

*Ivy and Bean are characters that kids can relate to, fall in love with, and keep with them forever. -Colby Sharp

*Ivy and Bean's friendship is the epitome of the saying, "Opposites attract." -Ryan Hanna

*Ivy and Bean are examples of the kind of true friendship I hope everyone finds as a child." -Katherine Sokolowski

*Ivy and Bean are a little bit mischievous in a way all little girls want to be. -Donna Kouri

Thank you to everyone who finished my sentence.

Chronicle has generously agreed to give away a paperback copy of Ivy and Bean: Doomed to Dance and three sets of Ivy + Bean Mini Notes.

Rules for the Giveaway

1. The giveaway will run from September 19 to 11:59 PM on September 21.

2. You must be at least 13.

A complete set of Ivy and Bean hardcover books signed by Annie Barrows
1 Ivy and Bean Paper Doll Play Set
1 Ivy and Bean Button Factory
1 Ivy and Bean READ Poster signed by Annie Barrows
Set of Ivy and Bean Silly Bandz (not pictured, but they are so cute!!)
Set of Ivy and Bean stickers


  1. Thanks for this wonderful giveaway!

  2. Is it still too late for this great give away? Too bad if it is! :-(

    Molly mchang@reyn.org


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