The Newbery Challenge: A Wrinkle in Time

Colby Sharp and I are reading every Newbery Medal winner. Yes, EVERY SINGLE NEWBERY MEDAL WINNER. It has been a wild, wild ride. Today, we are discussing A Wrinkle in Time

Visit Colby's blog to hear his thoughts on A Wrinkle in Time.  

I must get my hands on the A Wrinkle in Time graphic novel. 

I love watching 90-Second Newbery videos. 

"I started this little exercise in redoing the covers of every Newbery-winning book because some could use an update. Today we have a book sporting a cover that seems to be perfectly back in style. In fact, it’s the 50th anniversary of Madeleine L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time and the new commemorative edition is just a subtle update of the original. Today, I try my hand at a redo." -Travis Jonker


  1. I think it is a crime you were forced to teach this book whole group to a fourth grade class. This is a perfect example of why NOT to do that! I do this book with a small group of very strong fourth grade readers each year - and even then some of the kids don't really connect with it. I can't imagine doing it with a whole class of fourth graders.

    It's a perfect example of why we have to match students to books.

    Put me down in the "I loved Wrinkle and I loved When You Reach Me" camp.

  2. Fantastic fun to watch you race around the library. So inspired by your promotion of authors who are visiting. Can't wait to emulate that with my author visit! Thanks, as always, for the inspiration and happy reading the next Newbery! I loved both Wrinkle and When you reach me. I actually was quite addicted to L'Engle's series and ate them up at a point in my life (7th grade) that helped me become a stronger reader... I agree though, forcing a whole 4th grade group to read this book isn't a good call, at all!

  3. I am so glad you LOVED it this time around! You've heard me say how much I loved it when I heard it for the first time in 3rd grade...but the teacher loved it too. Mark me down for one who loves AWIT & WYRM. I do try to pair them for students. (Love your library so much!)

  4. I am so glad you loved Wrinkle this time around! You know how I feel about it, but my 3rd grade teacher loved it when he read it to us. That enthusiasm is contagious in read aloud! I also love When You Reach Me.... (& your library!)


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