Video of the Day: The Book Trailer for hello! hello!

Matthew Cordell is coming on Watch. Connect. Read. in October to talk about his stellar and thought-provoking picture book, hello! hello! I could not wait until October, however, to share the just-released book trailer for hello! hello! Call me impatient! :)

I hope you'll come back in October to read my interview with Matthew. Happy reading and writing!


  1. Mr. Schu... YOU'RE IMPATIENT! (Ha ha ha ha ha--OMGsh, I can't believe I was the FIRST to say that! Ha ha ha ha ha!) *breathe* And I dig this video and Matt's a genius and I can't wait for this book and I didn't know Philip made music too! *breathe* *smile*

  2. I saw the f&g for this book so long ago that I couldn't mark it anyway. By the time it comes out it will feel like a new book again. It is lovely.

  3. Thank you for sharing! Beautiful! I look forward to reading the book soon!


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