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Crystal Brunelle is a wonderful teacher-librarian, a blogger, an avid reader, a Newbery Challenge participant, and a proud member of the Nerdy Book Club. She's an important member of my professional learning network. 

I invited Crystal on Watch. Connect. Read. to discuss the time author Ame Dyckman Skyped with her students. I wrote the words in red, and Crystal wrote the words in black. Thank you, Crystal! 

I connect my students with authors and illustrators every chance I get. Most of the time I’m finding opportunities through twitter and we are using Skype to connect. My students love the chance to learn more about their favorite books from the people who imagined them in the first place.

Ame Dyckman is absolutely hilarious and inspiring. She made us giggle, but she also made us think about some really cool topics that we could write about for ourselves.

Boy + Bot always makes my students’ eyes light up and invariably say “affirmative” for days on end.

Dan Yaccarino’s illustrations are perfect for this book although my students were concerned about Bot and his time in the swimming pool. Ame calmed their fears by explaining that Dan knew that Bot was waterproof. There was a big sigh of relief in our library.

My students will always remember that Ame gave them a chance to talk about their own writing plans and she LISTENED to every student as they shared ideas.

Reading is like breathing for me. I read every single day. I’d rather read than eat chocolate, but I prefer to do both.

Mr. Schu, you should have asked me about Ame Dyckman’s awesome robot voice. She had us giggling and smiling the whole time she read to us. You also should have asked me about her awesome blue hair. My students and I loved it!

Please borrow Boy + Bot from your school or public library. Whenever possible, please support independent bookshops.


  1. Thanks for the great intro! It was so fun to visit with Ame and I loved the opportunity to talk about our time together here on your blog.


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