Ivy and Bean Blog-a-Bration (Week 9)

This is my final post for the Ivy and Bean Blog-a-Bration. I hope you enjoyed following it. Sniff, sniff, sniff.

My friend Donna and I get together every Tuesday evening to eat dinner, watch our favorite shows, and discuss books and life. Last night, I convinced her to answer four easy-peasy questions about the Ivy and Bean Blog-a-bration. Thanks, Donna!

ME: Thank you for following the Ivy and Bean Blog-a-Bration. What did you like about the celebration? 

Donna: I really enjoyed seeing so many people celebrating a great series. It was nice to hear from different people about these books. I loved hearing from children and adults, people who love Ivy and Bean as readers, as well as those involved in creating Ivy and Bean. It was nice to get an insight into each person’s unique perspective.

Me: Why do you think your students enjoy reading the Ivy and Bean series?

Donna: I think students love these books because Ivy and Bean are believable yet a little silly. Ivy and Bean experience the same feelings the reader may have so their problems are realistic. What Ivy and Bean do, however, is often a little silly which appeals to the reader. I also think they enjoy these books because they celebrate friendship and show how wonderful it is to have a good friend. These books are often the first one a child will try when they are making the jump from only reading picture books to beginning to read chapter books. Their face lights up and they get so excited that they are finally able to read Ivy and Bean - it is like they have been given a gift.

Me: Which Ivy and Bean book circulates the most in your school library? 
Donna: Ivy +Bean Doomed to Dance is the most popular book in my school library.

Me: Please finish this sentence: Annie Barrows is... 

Donna: a magician. She creates wonderfully magical characters that children love reading about and she puts them in situations that seem a little outlandish, but not too much so. She understands the power of a child’s imagination and her books are crafted so that this imagination is used as children read her books. She does not talk down to children but rather writes books that children can enjoy and identify with. 

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 Ivy and Bean Make the Rules is the newest volume in the Ivy and Bean series. Borrow it from your school or public library. Whenever possible, please support independent bookshops.


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