The Newbery Challenge: Up a Road Slowly

It's Saturday! The day of the week that Mr. Colby Sharp and I share our thoughts about a Newbery Medal-winning book. 

Please visit Colby's excellent blog to hear his thoughts about Up a Road Slowly

A Note from Mr. Travis Jonker 

For a little perspective, here are some notes about 1966, when Up the Road Slowly was published:
  • The president was Lyndon Johnson
  • The Sound of Music won the Academy Award for Best Picture
  • Medicare began
  • The first Star Trek episode aired
Perspective relayed, let’s move right along to the next item on the agenda…

Travis designed the cover on the right. 


  1. Oh no! Don't let Trinket fall in the river!! Hahaha!

    Thanks for picking her for a book club choice. (I hope she is not as annoying as Julie!)

    Take care,



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