#HoldShelf Day: November 2012


Thank you to everyone who participated in #HoldShelf. I smiled each time my email dinged or a tweet showed up in my feed. Each photograph provides a nice snapshot of what readers are placing on hold.  

I know! I know! I had to be different from everyone else and "film" my #HoldShelf. Just call me "Rule-breaking Schu." 

 Mr. Jonker (he followed the rules) starts us off: 

Lindsay Kuczek: 

Cathy Potter

Elizabeth Walker: 

Jennifer Reed

Jennifer Lussier: 

Meg Allison: 

Nicole Kremser: 

Stephanie Stieglitz: 

The Styling Librarian

Laura Kelly:

Byrd Fort: 

Mary Clark: 

Amanda Kordeliski: 

Kathy Kaldenberg: 

Donna Ohlgren: 

Travis and I hope to see your #HoldShelf next month. 


  1. Love to see the hold shelves - have to admit being partial to the one at your school :))

    1. I'm not making any students "hold" those - right out they go! :)

  2. A nice turnout! Great to see what's popular at other schools. And thanks for sharing your video.


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