The Newbery Challenge: The Grey King

Happy Saturday! Click play to hear my thoughts on Susan Cooper's The Grey King

Please visit Colby Sharp's blog to watch his video. 

I referred to this speech during my The Grey King video. 

I mentioned this interview during my video. 

"I was born into a reading family. My mother was a teacher. My parents read to us before I can even remember. You just took it for granted. I had a younger brother. I think we both learned to read very early without really noticing the way kids who are read to often will. Besides that, because I was English and living in the middle of World War II we didn't play outside a lot when there was an air raid going on. So, you were inside reading. It was a matter of exposure to books, I think, which is the secret to getting 
children to read." -Susan Cooper

Have you seen the motion picture based on Susan Cooper's The Dark is Rising

The weekly cover red0-athon known as Covering the Newbery continues today with the fourth book in a 
beloved fantasy series.

Borrow The Grey King from your school or public library. Whenever possible, please support independent bookshops


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