The Newbery Challenge: Julie of the Wolves

Happy Saturday! Happy December! Happy Rosa Parks Day! Happy birthday, Jan Brett! Happy Read a New Book Month! Happy Take Your Child to a Bookstore Day! Happy Newbery Day!  

Head on over to Colby's blog to hear what he thought of Jean Craighead George's Julie of the Wolves

"I see Julie as the girl I would like to be." - Jean Craighead George

Rocco Stanio chatted with Jean Craighead George the day before her 90th birthday. 

Please visit Jean's website to watch more videos.

Roco Stanio attended Jean Craighead George's memorial service. 

"Jean died in May, and so many readers expressed sadness for her loss but gratitude for what she had created. She brought so much joy to children and influenced so many lives." - Anita Silvey 

Travis Jonker (School Library Journal's newest blogger) designed the cover on the right. 


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