Students Respond to Dragon Brush

I'm always interested in how my students respond to storybook apps. I closely monitor if they're distracted by interactive features or if they enhance the reading experience.  Yesterday my second graders read and responded to Dragon Brush.  

As you'll see from their responses and comments, they highly recommend it. (Make sure you watch the trailer before you read their responses.) 

Q1: Were you distracted by the interactive features? 
      Yes: 1 student
       No: 16 students 

Q2: Please rate the app on a scale of 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest) stars.

       Average: 4.5 stars 

Q3: Would you recommend Dragon Brush to a friend? 

     Yes: 15 students
     No:   1 student 
    Skipped the question: 1 student 

Q4: Did you find the story interesting and engaging? 

      Yes: 17 students
       No: 0 students 

Q5: Did Matt Berninger do a good job reading the story? 

       Yes: 17 students
       No: 0 students 

Q6: Would you like to explore Dragon Brush again? 

       Yes: 16 students
       No: 1 student 

Q7: Please share one reaction to Dragon Brush

*"I really like how you can make the drawings appear." 

*"The added features are really fun." 

*"The characters are clever and interesting." 

*"The main character helped his community. He didn't just care about himself." 

*"Bing-Wen was rewarded for good behavior." 

*"Dragon Paint is cool." 

* "I think it is fun to create the paintings during the story." 

*"Bing-Wen is a kind rabbit." 

*"I wish I had a magic paintbrush." 

*"It was funny when Bing-Wen ran across the page. I kept pressing on him." 

"*The kite page is a little boring. I wish you could fly the kite."

*"My favorite page is when Bing-Wen's painting comes to life." 

* "This story is perfect for me. I'm an artist." 

""Bing-Wen is polite to everyone." 

Please visit the official Dragon Brush website to learn more about this interactive app.


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