Travis and I Want to See Your #HoldShelf Before 4:00

Mr. Travis Jonker (AKA Mr. September) and I want to see your library's #holdshelf. Why? Because it gives us a nice snapshot of the most requested books. 

Sorry for the short notice, but you only have until 4:00 P.M. CST to email Travis a photograph of your hold shelf. Please send the image to scopenotes at gmail dot com. 

I am excited to see what your kids are reading. 


  1. Would you believe the only camera I have at school saves pictures to a floppy disk? Sad but true. On my pile, though, I have Mark of Athena, Spirals, two Tamora Pierce books because I have several kids working their way through the series and jockeying for the books, and City of Glass. There is, of course, a long line for The Third Wheel!


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