Video of the Day: Is Charlotte's Web a Literary Masterpiece?

Thanks to Anita Silvey for the link. 

I will never forget when Mrs. Villender, my second-grade teacher, read aloud Charlotte’s Web. If I close my eyes and allow my body to relax, I can transport myself back to her classroom. I see her standing in front of the room (or maybe she's sitting at her desk), reading from one of the most beautifully written books. It is the first chapter book I remember a teacher reading aloud. At a young age, it taught me the importance and value of picking the perfect read-aloud for my students. 

Read this letter that E.B. White wrote to his readers. 

Borrow Charlotte's Web from your school or public library. Whenever possible, please support independent bookshops


  1. My favorite children's book of all time! E.B. White is also one of my favorite authors. Have you ever read Essays of E.B. White? It's a wonderful book!

  2. Have you read "The Story of Charlotte's Web", a biography of E.B. White by Michael Sims? Interesting.
    I love Charlotte's Web; I think it is one of the best books ever written- not just for children.

  3. This is the first and only chapter book read aloud I remember from elementary days - 3rd grade for me! Such a timeless books that kids often want to reread because it was read to them in a classroom. One of those books that builds a reading community.

  4. I first heard about Michael Sims's biography on NPR -- it was a segment called, "Some Book: Charlotte's Web Turns 60.". They played an audio recording of Mr. White reading the book. Beautiful!

  5. This video was the perfect thing for me to watch today. Thank for sharing it and for reminding me of the magic of this book.


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