Video of the Day: Remembering to be a Child

National Book Award winner Jeanne Birdsall talks about how her husband encouraged her to become a professional writer, the book that inspired her to write The Penderwicks, and how she remembered what it really felt like to be a child. Thank you, Jeanne Birdsall, for delivering this inspiring TEDx talk.  

Happy watching, everyone!  


  1. What a lovely video--thanks so much for sharing. Remembering what it's like to be a kid is one of the gifts that teaching gives us ever day. Thanks for that reminder. :-)

  2. She has such a gentle way of sharing her story! What fun to hold those memories dear and share them through books that we write. The joy of writing! Thanks for sharing this video!

  3. Thanks for the link, Mr. Schu! I'm a big Penderwicks fan and I love hearing about how authors were drawn to tell the story they told.


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