Video of the Day: Teacher-Librarians at the Heart of Student Learning

I feel as though I'm preaching to the choir. If you're a regular reader of this blog, you most likely already spread the points stressed in the video and know that the school library should be the heart of a school.  You know what a quality and well-funded library program can do for kids and faculty members. 

We must continue showing people the value and importance of school libraries.  Maybe you'll share the video with your colleagues, your principal, your superintendent, and your board of education. 


  1. With all the budget cuts last year I was heartbroken when our school board decided to reduce library services in the elementary buildings. Our library media specialist, who was the heart of our building was laid off for the second time. Our library is only open 3 days a week. I wrote a letter trying to convince the school board of the importance of keeping the library open full time. But instead, sports and extracurricular activities were maintained instead. (Yes, I am a supporter of these activities but not at the expense of libraries. They should be considered the heart of our schools.)

  2. Libraries should be considered the heart and hub of our schools. If we want to increase and support student learning, we should not be cutting libraries and library media specialists.


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