Lauren Oliver Shares How a Book Is Made

Over the next three or four weeks, my fourth- and fifth-grade students will watch author Lauren Oliver's video series that shows how The Spindlers was created from start to finish. I'll probably play an episode at the start of each library period. 

I hope you'll find ways to use these videos in your library or classroom. Happy watching! 

Episode 1: Developing the Idea 

Episode 2: Writing the Story 

Episode 3: Editing the Book 

Episode 4: Creating the Art 

Episode 5: Proofing the Story 

Episode 6: Printing the Book 

Episode 7: Reading the Book 

Borrow The Spindlers from your school or public library. Whenever possible, please support independent bookshops


  1. You might even encourage quite a few of those students to participate in the many aspects of the process.

  2. That was a fantastic introduction for young and old alike. I will pass this on to my daughter's school and to others who I know would appreciate this synopsis of writing and book creation. Thanks very much

  3. I really love these videos. I have a few students who are really serious about writing and becoming authors some day. Even for those students who aren't aspiring authors, these videos let them know how intricate the process is. Thanks for posting them!


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