Videos of the Day: Patricia Polacco Takes Us Inside Her Home

The following conversation really occurred in my library last week. 

I spot a third grader checking out Patricia Polacco's Thank You, Mr. Falker and The Junkyard Wonders

Me: Are you familiar with Patrica Polacco's books? 

Third Grader: No 

Me: You're about to read two of my all-time favorite books. I cannot read either story without crying. They both remind me to be a patient and understanding teacher-librarian. Will you let me know what you think of them? 

Third Grader: Sure. I'll let you know after spring break. 

Me: Thank you!  Please see me before you head back to class.

Third Grader: OK 

Three minutes later...

Me: Come with me. (We walk to the nearest tissue box. I place one tissue inside each book.) Happy reading! 

I'm going to share these two video clips with her when she returns the books. 

Patricia Polacco is surrounded by images and toys that inspire her. 

Take a tour of  Patricia's bedroom and parlor. 

Borrow Thank You, Mr. Falker and The Junkyard Wonders from your school or public library. Whenever possible, please support independent bookshops. 


  1. My favorite, hands down, is Pink and Say. I believe it is the most powerful picture book I have ever read.

  2. When my mom retired from teaching 3rd grade, she gave me her classroom library including books by her favorite author, Patricia Polacco. She's been retired for years and I've read a lot of what she gave me, but once in a while I run across a Polacco book I haven't read. Just yesterday, I read Chicken Sunday and Mrs. Katz and Tush -- for the 1st time! They're fantastic! All of her books are fabulous! (And, most of them make me cry.) Her stories remind us of the importance of the connections between all of us. Thanks for sharing this story, Mr. Schu!

  3. There are many, many, many books I need to place a tissue inside before handing out. Thanks for the idea! :)



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