April #SharpSchu Book Club Meeting

Mr. Colby Sharp and I are thankful for everyone who participated in last night's #SharpSchu Book Club meeting. Newbery Medalist Sharon Creech and Caroline Starr Rose participated in the chat, answered questions, and inspired everyone. 

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Sharon Creech, Sarah Week, Avi, and Walter Dean Myers perform reader's theater in Naperville, Illinois. 

Download the Love That Dog and Hate That Cat discussion guide. 

What inspired Sharon Creech to write Love That Dog
Sharon Creech reads from Love That Dog

Sharon Creech reads an excerpt from The Great Unexpected.

Jennifer Reed chatted with me about the time Sharon visited her school library.

Sharon Creech visited my school library. 

I think you should follow Sharon's blog. 

Anita Silvey featured Love That Dog on April 7.

Sharon Creech presented at the 2009 National Book Festival. 

Sharon Creech discusses Love That Dog with her editor. 

The Boy on the Porch will be released on September 3, 2013. 

The book trailer for May B

Caroline Starr Rose finished my sentences on October 12, 2012. 

Caroline Starr Rose reads an excerpt from May B

Download the May B. discussion guide. 

"My Reading Life" by Caroline Starr Rose 

Lauren Strohecker recommends May B. and Love That Dog. 


  1. Still smiling from all this. Thanks for including me.

  2. I think this was one of the more productive book club sessions. May B has become one of my favorite books. I really admire her courage, strength, and common sense in the face of a true crisis. Thank you for a great night of book talking.

  3. Awesome book club night!! Thanks, Mr. Schu, Mr. Sharp, Sharon Creech, and Caroline Starr Rose AND all the #SharpSchu book club Tweeters! What's next?! Can't wait for May!!


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