Dear _______: Pack Your Bags!

Dear Friends, 

Thank you for encouraging your students, colleagues, classmates, readers, and friends to vote for the 2013 Road Trip Mascot. It was a blast watching the votes come in. We wish we could take all of the characters on the road, but there is only room for ONE character. 

Thank you!

-John and Donna

We are happy to announce that the QUEEN OF THE WORLD (AKA Babymouse) is the 2013 mascot. We're sure she will make us stop at every cupcake shop, make booksellers and librarians across America laugh and smile, and be the perfect companion. 

Babymouse will hit the open road on July 9, 2013. We hope you'll follow her adventures. 

Watch the Babymouse Classroom Cast. 

Let Babymouse keep your place! 

Jennifer L. Holm, Matthew Holm, and Babymouse wish you a very Merry Christmas. 

It's the Babymouse Store

The Nerdy Book Club hosted a Babymouse for President photo contest. 

Did you vote for Babymouse? 

Jennifer Holm visited Colby Sharp's school.

Extreme Babymouse was released on January 8, 2013.  

You need one of these, right? 

Congratulations, Babymouse! 


  1. Hooray for Babymouse! I vote for her! Have fun on your trip!
    Nancy J. Cavanaugh

  2. Yay, Babymouse!!!!! And of course I need one of those! :-)

  3. Hip Hip Hooray!! I voted for Babymouse-MY HERO!

    I Run Read Teach

  4. Hooray for Babymouse! I can't wait to see shots from all the places she visits this summer! Perhaps a visit to a cupcake delicatessen is in order :)

  5. You totally know that because you put my kids on your road trip announcement page, you've GOT to come visit us and our Little Free Library! (It's ok, if we don't fit into your itinerary. I'll console myself with cupcakes.)

  6. Now that Babymouse is coming out in French, I so need one of those for my classroom!!!


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