Marla Frazee, Chris Raschka, and David Ezra Stein

Greetings from San Antonio, Texas! If you're reading this post, it means I just finished chatting with award-winning illustrators Marla Frazee, Chris Raschka, and David Ezra Stein. 

Marla Frazee won a 2009 Caldecott Honor for A Couple of Boys Have the Best Week Ever and a 2010 Caldecott Honor for All the World

The book trailer for All the World

"I do remember when I was about eight years old seeing Where the Wild Things Are for the first time. I was already a reader of words, but what floored me about that book was the three page turns where Max' room turns into a forest, and I just was blown away by that. I mean, I felt like it was a miracle. I could not believe that somebody could make this common child's bedroom turn into a forest with just three page turns. I just wanted to grow up and figure out how he did that and learn how to do it myself." - Marla Frazee

Marla Frazee talks about All the World.

Weston Woods turned All the World into an animated film. 

Natalie Dias Lorenzi created a discussion guide for All the World.

Vicky Smith sits down with Liz Garton Scanlon and Marla Frazee. 

Chris Raschka won a 1994 Caldecott Honor for Yo! Yes?, the 2006 Caldecott Medal for The Hello, Goodbye Window, and the 2012 Caldecott Medal for A Ball for Daisy

Raschka is Chris' mother's maiden name. 

"The book, the book Hello, Goodbye Window was also done with paint but also oil pastel and it was inspired a good deal by children's artwork and a kind of abstract all over kind of drawing that I like when children make, make's shapes and images and then proceed to just kind of, just color in aspects of it, following their own, their own internal sense that may or may not look like it makes sense." -Chris Raschka

Chris reads Yo! Yes? 

Yo! Yes? is featured on

Erin E. Stead and Chris Raschka interviewed each other on Travis Jonker's blog.

"One way to express something in the world on a piece of paper is to allow a paintbrush to express itself." -Chris Raschka 

The book trailer for A Ball for Daisy

Watch Mr. Raschka's Caldecott acceptance speech for A Ball for Daisy

Chris Raschka encourages you to participate in Screen-Free Week .

James Ransome takes us inside Chris Raschka's studio. 

Daisy Gets Lost will be released on October 8, 2013. 

5 Questions with Chris Raschka 

"No, picture books are here and they’re important. I have yet to meet a three year old person who didn’t know what to do with a crayon." - Chris Raschka

"I like to think of the art as the book." - Chris Raschka 

David Ezra Stein won a 2011 Caldecott Honor for Interrupting Chicken

Ezra is David's middle name. 

My students are fans of Interrupting Chicken's book trailer. 

David tells the knock-knock joke that inspired Interrupting Chicken

Take a look inside David Ezra Stein's studio. 

Download the Candlewick Read to Us Story-Hour Kit!

The book trailer for Because Amelia Smiled. 

David Ezra Stein demonstrates "Stein-lining." 

Ol' Mama Squirrel was released on March 21, 2013. 

"Books, and especially picture books, ask us to come to them. They don’t offer us hours of noise and motion at the touch of a button." -David Ezra Stein

Look for Dinosaur Kisses on August 6, 2013.

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