The Newbery Challenge: Walk Two Moons

This is the last Newbery Challenge video that Colby and I will be in together for a while. Waa! Waa! Waa!

Sharon Creech, Sarah Week, Avi, and Walter Dean Myers perform reader's theater in Naperville, Illinois. 

Sharon Creech reads an excerpt from The Great Unexpected.

Jennifer Reed chatted with me about the time Sharon visited her school library.

Sharon Creech visited my school library. 

"This story began as a follow-up to Absolutely Normal Chaos. In that book, Mary Lou Finney writes a summer journal, and as I began Walk Two Moons, I was merely speculating about what might happen when she turned in that summer journal to her English teacher. " - Sharon Creech

I think you should follow Sharon's blog. 

Travis Jonker designed the cover on the right.

Download the Walk Two Moons discussion guide.  


  1. Walk Two Moons made me sob like a baby along with all of the girls in my class. Like red eyed,mascara running, rudolph nose kind of sobbing! :)

    A very touching book!



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