The June Sharp-Schu Book Club Meeting

The Sharp-Schu Book Club discussed three wordless wonders last night: Bob Staake's Bluebird, Mark Pett's The Boy and the Airplane, and Molly Idle's Flora and the Flamingo. Thank you to everyone who participated in last night's chat. 


Have you watched Bluebird's book trailer? 

I interviewed Bob Staake during Random House's Screen-Free Week blog tour. 

Bob Staake appears in Random House's Unplug and Read video. 

"As a kid), I would pull books out of the library, I'd look at National Geographic and dream about those incredible places. I didn't necessarily read the words. You can tell his broad story page to page to page by simply having a child inferring. It's a magical thing. We should all be so lucky to have a book that's so open-ended that it's ripe for interpretations all over the place." - Bob Staake 

Visit the official Bluebird website

Unplug and Create with Bob Staake's Bluebird. 

Bob Staake designed this poster for Screen-Free Week.

Look! A Book! by Bob Staake | Little, Brown. 2011.

Bob Staake's Reading Public Service Announcement. 

Margie celebrated The Boy and the Airplane a few days ago.

You must read about Mark Pett's Annual Zip Code Trip. It is brilliant. 

Jules Danielson interviewed Mark Pett (includes a scene from The Girl and the Bicycle). 

Mark Pett appeared at the 2011 National Book Festival. 

Mark Pett and Sara Zarr talk about "about perfectionism, learning to let go, and self-management, among other things." 

Katherine's summer reading camp read The Boy and the Airplane. 

Tour Molly Idle's studio. 

Molly Idle participated in a Sharp-Schu trifecta

Explore Molly's website.

Tea Rex by Molly Idle | Viking Children's Books, 2013.

I love Molly's "F" in DIFFERENTLY

"At its heart, Flora and the Flamingo is just an unassuming little story about making a friend. There’s nothing very complicated about that idea. It’s just all in how you present it, baby. Consider this one book that’s not afraid to let clever (yet essentially simple) design and good art do the heavy lifting." - Betsy Bird


  1. Hoping to make your next book chat!!! :)


  2. I hated missing this #sharpschu - such great books to discuss, but I was in Vegas (can't complain about that). That's two in a row I've missed. I sure hope I can participate in JULY!! Thanks for the recap!


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