Babymouse Visited My Little Cupcake


Donna, Babymouse, and I had the best morning exploring Burlington, Vermont. It is a friendly community with tons of independently owned shops.  We visited My Little Cupcake after eating breakfast at Leunig's Bistro and Cafe. It was anything but TYPICAL. They specialize in mini cupcakes and had quite the assortment. Babymouse wanted them all but settled for a double almond, a sundae, and a red velvet cupcake. They all got her seal of approval.  We had to check carefully that she was still with us when we left. She wanted to stay and sample all the flavors. Typical. 

  DSC00993DSC00991 DSC00990

P.S. If you ever visit My Little Cupcake, please let us know if you spot the Babymouse plush that we donated to one of the friendly employees.


  1. OK, those cupcakes look ridiculously delicious! And considering Babymouse ate more than her weight in cupcakes (Babypig?), she doesn't look like she gained an ounce ;)


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