Cupcakes for Babymouse

Jennifer and Matthew Holm's Babymouse will be joining us for this year's road trip. We try to be gracious hosts and make our guests feel welcome. For example, we made sure Katherine Applegate's The One and Only Ivan had yogurt raisins for his trip.

We know how much Babymouse loves cupcakes, so we bookmarked a few cupcake shops that, depending on where we end up, may help satisfy her cravings.


1. Lulu's Sweet Shoppe 

 We're pretty sure Babymouse  would love the pink sprinkles on this cupcake!


2. Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery 

 Babymouse may choose Sugar Sweet's Black & White...Just Right--unless she is feeling imaginative, in which case she may choose the pink strawberry cupcake.

3. Love's Cupcakes 

 No matter what Babymouse would choose here we are sure she would LOVE it!

4. My Little Cupcake 

 We are sure that Rock Star Babymouse would order the Elvis cupcake!

 We will be sure to post a picture of Babymouse enjoying one of her favorite treats!

(Ms. Donna Kouri wrote this entry for our road trip blog. Please follow along HERE and THERE


  1. I know I'm completely late in the game, but Billy's Cupcakes in NYC make hands-down the best cupcakes I've ever had.

    And I love cupcakes almost as much as Babymouse.


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