The Newbery Challenge: The Tale of Despereaux

Happy Saturday, Mr. Sharp! Greetings from Springfield, Massachusetts!

Please visit Colby Sharp's blog to find out what he thinks of The Tale of Despereaux.

Kate DiCamillo presented at the 2009 National Book Festival.

"I decided a long time ago," DiCamillo says, "that I didn't have to be talented. I just had to be persistent."

You don't want to miss this interview with Kate DiCamillo.
(Mr. Sharp, I have the world's slowest Internet connection right now. I'm going to finish this post later today when it doesn't take five minutes to load one video.) 


  1. Can't wait to see your next entries!! So many places I look forward to traveling to vicariously through you. :) Loved the final Kate diCamillo video, first time I've seen that one, wow. Wow. Wow.

  2. I love Kate's writing and have read all that she's written including those silly Mercy books. The interviews were both interesting and new to me.


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