Author Adam Lehrhaupt

Doesn't debut author Adam Lehrhaupt have the best bio?

Adam has traveled to six continents, performed on Broadway, and lived on a communal farm. He firmly believes that opening a book is a good thing, even if there are monkeys in it. Adam currently lives in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA, with his wife and two sons. In his spare time, Adam does a bit of writing. His writing spans multiple styles, from poetry to fiction to nonfiction, and is primarily geared towards children.

I invited Adam on Watch. Connect. Read. to discuss monkeys, book trailers, reading, and writing. I wrote the words in red, and he wrote the words in black. Many thanks, Adam! 
There are MONKEYS in this book. You should be careful with it. Do you know what happens when it's opened? It will be mayhem. Don't say I didn't warn you.
Matthew Forsythe’s illustrations are absolutely brilliant. He gave life and character to the Monkeys. Seeing the art for the first time was such a cool experience. It allowed me to connect with my story in a whole new way.
I think book trailers are a great tool to introduce kids to books. Kids receive so stimulation these days. They are bombarded with music, videos, statuses, texts, TV, movies and all kinds of other things every day. If this amount of input has become the norm, it can be difficult to slow down and enter the world of a book. Book trailers provide an easy transition into the world of a story. 
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The Kidlit BookDare is a monthly reading challenge. My to-read list is very long. More books get added to it all the time. I always have trouble deciding which one to read next. I've done a couple of reading challenges for other genres, but hadn't seen one that was specifically for Kidlit. I started the Kidlit BookDare to fill that hole. The challenge is pretty straightforward. 
  • Visit my blog each month for the 4 main themes and the 4 bonus themes
  • Read a Kidlit book for each theme (Any book you want as long as it fits the theme)
  • Once you've read the 4 main themes, post the books in the comments to be entered to win the prize
  • Read a bonus book or 4
  • Post your bonus titles for additional entries
  • Read more books
Reading is an adventure. Every time you open a new book, you get to travel to a new and exciting place. And, you don't even need to get off the couch. It's so cool. 
Matthew Winner chatted with Adam on the Let's Get Busy podcast.  
Picture books are the building blocks of creativity. It's been amazing to see this in my kids, from the first story they created for an illustration, to reading the words themselves. Connecting thoughts or words to something visual is at the core nature of what art is. Picture books are a perfect example of this synergy.
Mr. Schu, you should have asked me who my library superhero is.
Thanks for the opportunity to finish your sentences Mr. Schu. I’ll try to make sure I take the monkeys when I leave.
Thank you! 
I am giving away a copy of Warning: Do Not Open This Book! 
Rules for the Giveaway 
1. It will run from 8/23 to 11:59 P.M. on 8/25. 
2. You must be at least 13. 
3. Please pay it forward. 
4. Smile. 


  1. Oh, that trailer is hilarious! LOVE it :D

    And so nice to now be aware of Adam. For sure, I'll be spying for the book at Barnes! I'm also checking out Adam's blog riiiight nooooow... :)

    Thanks, Mr. Schu!!!

    1. Thanks Donna. Glad you liked the trailer. I had fun putting it together.

  2. Thanks for the interview, and the chance to WIN! Looking forward to the read (one way or another) and a smiley hello to Adam!

    1. Hello Suzanne. Thanks for taking some time to see how I finished Mr. Schu's sentences.


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