#HoldShelf: September 2013

Thanks for sending me a photograph of your #holdshelf. It is always fun to see what kids around the world are placing on hold. 

Bannockburn School Library 

Patti Fleser 

Erin Drew

LeAnn Miller 

Angie Dickerson 

Mrs. Gorek 
Glen Oaks Library

Mariela Siegert

Hopewell Library

Debbie Alvarez

Edie Crook

Jennifer Reed

Tamara Cox

Michelle Glatt

Katie Hauser 

Mrs. Williams 

Northbrook Junior High 

PC West High School 

Mary Clare O'Grady 

Stacy Ford 

Kristi Sweeney

Paige Ysteboe

Paige Ysteboe

Laura Given

Kurt Stroh

Elsa Perales 


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