Meet Ivan and Ruby

(This conversation took place in my library yesterday.)

Me: Good afternoon, 5th grade!

5th Grade: Good afternoon, Mr. Schu!

Me: How are you today? 

5th Grade: Well! How are you? 

Me: I am excellent! 

Me: May I please share some very nerdy and exciting news with you? I'll simply burst if I don't talk about it. 

5th Grade: OK. 

Me: What are the library's printers named?

5th Grade: Cubs and Sox. 

Me: I've never been a fan of those names. They were named before I was the librarian. We received two new printers today. As soon as I saw them, the perfect names popped into my head. I'll give you a clue: the names can be found in my all-time favorite book. 

5th Grade: (SHOUTING) The One and Only Ivan

A 5th Grader in the front row: I know! You named the printers Ivan and Ruby. 

Me: BINGO! Isn't that the best news of the day?   

5th Grade: Yes! 

Me: I love brave Ivan. I love little Ruby. I love Katherine Applegate's The One and Only Ivan. Thanks for letting me share this news with you. Now, let's start today's lesson. 

Meet Ivan and Ruby 

I added images. :)


  1. I love the fact that you name your printers, period! lol Great choices, Mr. Schu! :)

  2. I agree,! What great connections to the most wonderful book!


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