Picture Books are...

Uh-oh! For the first time EVER, I forgot to schedule someone for today's "Please finish my sentences" post. Thankfully, I know many wonderful book-loving people who volunteered to finish one of my sentences today. Thank you! :) 

Picture books are for grown ups too. - Alexander London 

Picture books are magical. - Donna L. Sadd 

Picture books are fun to read aloud to children of any age. -Donna Kouri 

Picture books are the bomb. -Colby Sharp 

Picture books are way harder to write than you would think. -Linda Urban 

Picture books are an inspiration, vivid, and a joy. -Kelly Quinn

Picture books are the perfect book to share with students from preschool to college and beyond. -Katherine Sokolowski 

Picture books are mini-bits of book heaven. -Cynthia Alaniz

Picture books are a source of joy. -Melissa Stewart 

Picture books are great ways to teach reading strategies even to older kids. Everyone still loves a good picture book. -Bryan Devine 

Picture books are a great way to help a student in crisis mode calm down. -Leah Whitford 

Picture books are time spent with my children. -Rosemond Cates 

Picture books are an awesome gift to any foreign country library. -Margarita Bandala 

Picture books are not just for kids! -Cindy Minnich 

Picture books are happiness! - Cristina Gilbert 

Picture books are powerful for all ages and the "co-teachers" in our rooms. -JoEllen McCarthy 

Picture books are windows to wonder. -Phil Bildner 

Picture books are powerful for all ages and the "co-teachers" in our rooms. -JoEllen McCarthy 

Picture books are a complex relationship between words, illustrations, and design. -Kristin Mclhagga 

Picture books are my favorite tool to teach with. -Erika Victor 

Picture books are communication. -Julie Falatko 

Picture books are a child's introduction to a world of possibilities staying in their heart until it takes its last beat. -Margie Myers-Culver 

Picture books are necessary. And relatable for all ages. -Caroline 

Picture books are what I constantly recommend to middle and high school teachers to include in their instructional toolbox. - Kristin Becker

Picture books are a big bundle of joy in a tiny package. -Shannon Clark 


  1. Oh, lots of great ones here! I particularly like the 'calm a student in crisis mode' as it highlights the comfort that picture books can be--they are the true chicken noodle soup for the soul. Love it!

  2. Picture books are condensed genius!

  3. Lovin' these quotes! Picture Books=A Little Slice of Heaven :)

  4. Lovin' these quotes! :) Picture Books = A Little Slice of Heaven :)

  5. Ooh, LOVE the "condensed genius" comment above this in the comments section right now! That's great!

    This was fun to participate in, and I love reading all these answers. Thanks for including my answer, too!



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