Video of the Week: Battle Bunny's Book Trailer

I never book talk a stack of books without playing at least one book trailer. Some trailers receive a lukewarm response. The trailer you're about to watch received the opposite of a lukewarm response. Kids laughed, smiled, cheered, and begged to check out Battle Bunny. See for yourself! 

"Battle Bunny looks hilarious. I want to read it right now." -4th Grader

"Can we watch it again?" -5th Grader

"I'm the 38th person to place Battle Bunny on hold. Do you have an advanced reader copy? Please." -5th Grader 

"Awesome!" -4th Grader

"I think that's my favorite book trailer." -4th Grader

Visit to make your own BUNNY book. 

Borrow Battle Bunny from your school or public library. Whenever possible, please support independent bookshops. 


  1. Now that's playing to your audience. Great trailer!

  2. I love that the students know what an advanced reader copy is! Can't wait to show this trailer. Thanks.

  3. Well no wonder they loved it! Hilarious!


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