November #HoldShelf Gallery

I'm THANKFUL for the librarians who shared photographs and videos of their hold shelves with Travis Jonker and me. I always love seeing what readers around the world are placing on hold.

John Schu's shelf 

Travis Jonker's shelf 

Nancy Jo Lambert's shelf 

Jennifer Lauchlan's shelf 

Amanda Pata's shelf 

Sylvie Shaffer's shelf 

Ducketts Lane's shelf 

Leann Miller's shelf 

Glenwood Library's shelf 

Stacy Ford's shelf 

Amy Hesterman's shelf 

Erin Drew's shelf 

Mrs. Gorek's shelf 

Shari Butterfield's shelf 

Elsa Ouvrard-Prettol's shelf 

Susie Highley's shelf 

Donna Kouri's shelf 


  1. I always get such a kick out of seeing the books on the hold shelves, getting a glimpse into what kids are reading.

    But I got SO excited when I saw THE CHRONICLES OF HARRIS BURDICK on Leann Miller's shelf, but especially TEA PARTY RULES on your shelf, John, and then Kami Kinard's THE BOY PROJECT on Susie Highley's shelf. I think every girl (and boy) should read that book!


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