Most Viewed Posts of 2013

Travis Jonker is counting down his top blog posts of 2013. His countdown inspired me to take a look at my five most popular blog posts published during 2013. 



Thanks for taking the time to read my blog posts and for sharing them with your students and friends. You're (to quote Tina Turner) "simply the best." :)


  1. I do think it's fun to see everyone's top posts of the year. And it's interesting that what is popular for one kidlit blogger is so very different from another's! I think that why it's so great to blog and to read and support other bloggers! Always something fun to learn about. I'm surprised that Travis' post with Herve Tullet didn't make this Top 5 list. That was the most amazing and fun post I have EVER seen! Travis is so talented as an illustrator!!! And I love his Spine Poem posts and his movie actor to author match up! His blog is just so much fun!


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