Happy Book Birthday to How to Be a Pirate!

Happy Tuesday, friends! Today is a big book release day for children's literature. As you know, I love celebrating book birthdays and book trailers. Every new book deserves a little party. Today, I am celebrating and premiering two book trailers: Elizabeth Rose Stanton's Henny (watch Henny's trailer here) and Sue Fliess' How to Be a Pirate

Sue Fliess: I think book trailers are such a great way to give readers a glimpse of the characters and the style of writing, and should be just enough to tease or entice someone into checking it out. I love book trailers—especially because sometimes I’m afraid I’ll come upon a spoiler review before I read a book. And often the back of the book has very little about what’s actually inside. I rely on book trailers more and more to guide me on whether I’ll read the book or not. I made book trailers for all my books.

Borrow How to Be a Pirate from your school or public library. Whenever possible, please support independent bookshops. 


  1. Very cute trailer. Makes me want to buy the book for all my friends with young kids!


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