The Sharp-Schu Book Club Met Last Night

I enjoyed every moment of last night's #Sharpschu Book Club meeting. I love being surrounded (even in a virtual space) by book-loving people. 

I wish I had time to embed all the resources that Colby and I shared during last night's meeting.  Unfortunately, I cannot spend time working on this right now. I will add the resources after the ALA Midwinter meeting. OK? 


  1. A BIG "Thank you" to YOU, Mr. John Schu, for posting these archives because it's impossible to not miss some GEMS of tweets during the happy mayhem of a #SharpSchu book club meeting :D As the meetings always are, last night's was off-the-charts fun! :D

  2. You guys all had way too much fun! So sorry I missed this one. Hope to be in on it next month!


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