February #HoldShelf Gallery

This school year's first and second graders are pretty much obsessed with placing books on hold. Earlier today, a first grader said, "Can I shop for a book on the library website?" Yes, shop. I think it feels a little like shopping to them. Works for me. :) 

My shelf 

Mr. Jonker's shelf 

Kurt's shelf 

Michelle Glatt's shelf

Karie Gregory's shelf 

Anne-Marie Gordon's shelf 

Bill Moczydlowski's shelf 

Mrs. Mattei's hold shelf 

Paige Ysteboe's shelf 

Becky Gorek's shelf 

Gayla's shelf 

CWE Media Center's shelf 

Kathy Kaldenberg's shelf 

Chelsea's shelf 

Debbie Alvarez's shelf 

Cassandra's shelf 

Diane Brown's shelf 

Carter's shelf 

Gayle Rosengren's shelf 

Sarah Lilly's shelf 


  1. Always cool to see other people's hold shelves... visually shopping sometimes! :) Especially those lego books...


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