Janet and Jake Tashjian Visited Mr. Sharp's School

Happy Friday! Mr. Colby Sharp's third graders dropped by Watch. Connect. Read. to chat with me about the time Janet and Jake Tashjian visited their school. I wrote the words in red, and they wrote the words in black. Thank you, Mr. Sharp's students! :)

Janet Tashjian and Jake Tashjain visited the second through fifth graders at Parma Elementary last fall. They got us very excited about reading and writing. It was the perfect way to start out school year.

Einstein the Class Hamster is about a class hamster that has dreams of hosting his own game show. Ned, a student in Ms. Moreno’s class, can hear Einstein talk. He’s the only one in the class that can.

Jake Tashjain’s illustrations are awesome. He can draw amazing things. He draws stick figures to help us understand the meaning of different words.

Janet Tashjian told us the first draft is just a start. Writing is hard work, and to make your piece better you have to do a lot of revising.

Reading is…





mind expanding.

super awesome.

something that can take you to different worlds.


a part of my life.


mind blowing.

the best.

mind expressions.

Mr. Schu, you should have asked us…

who the next author is that we have visiting.

what we are working on.

what we are reading.

what we like about A Crooked Kind of Perfect.

what our favorite ALA award winning books are.

about how awesome we are.

when we are going to Skype again.

Borrow Janet and Jake Tashjian's books from your school or public library. Whenever possible, please support independent bookshops. 


  1. I'm so glad the students at Parma Elementary are writing and reading like pros! Keep it up!


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