A Wonderful Morning with Andy Griffiths!

Hip, hip, hooray! Today was Andy Griffiths Day in my school library! I've never heard kids laugh so hard during an author visit, but Andy never lost "control" of the audience. My kids knew when it was time to listen to his next joke and story. I'm so happy that he's visiting with Mr. Sharp's and Mr. Jonker's students later in the week.

I love when I teach classes right after an author visit because it allows me to get immediate feedback from my students. According to my first and second graders...

*Andy Griffiths is a really fun guy.

* He traveled far to visit our school. I’m happy I got to meet him.

*Andy told us how he created the treehouse in the Treehouse series.

*Andy is a good author.

* He was so nice to every person during the book signing.

*He is wonderful.

* Andy is very good at writing books.

* I think he is the silliest author who has ever visited our school library. He had everyone laughing.

* Terry Denton is a good artist.

*He showed us very funny trees. One of the trees looked like a butt.

* Andy writes awesome books.

* He works well with Terry Denton.

*That was the coolest author visit.

*I'll give you one word: hilarious.

*The killer koala stuffed animal that he showed us was really cool.

* The BUTT tree was so funny.

* I liked his made-up story about how he met Terry.

* He mentioned underwear more than any other author.

* He showed us a catnary stuffed animal.

* I liked how he showed us really funny photographs of treehouses. I laughed a lot.

* The 26- Story Treehouse is so funny.

My favorite thing about the Treehouse series is...

-the man-eating sharks.

- the marshmallow machine.


- the ice cream flavors.

- the bowling alley.

-the swimming pool.

-how Terry washes his underwear in the man-eating shark tank.

- the vegetable vaporizer.

Andy is..







*good at writing books





*insanely funny

*really friendly

SLJ is hosting an exclusive webinar with Andy Griffiths tomorrow.

My first and second graders designed treehouses.

Andy has a lot of fans!

You know how I feel about #kidlit stickers.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4 

A frosted treehouse!

A frosted treehouse, part 2!

Andy made every child feel special. Thanks, Andy! 


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