Dear _______: Please Pack Your Bags

This year's road trip mascot contest received over 2,000 votes. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for telling your students, colleagues, family members, strangers, and members of your personal learning networks about this year's candidates. I really, really enjoyed telling my students about the characters and learning why they voted for a specific character. 

I won't make you wait any longer to find out which children's literature character will receive an all-expenses paid road trip with Donna and me. 

Drum roll, please...


...Rocket! He will hit the open road on July 30. Where will he go? We're not entirely sure. We do know one thing, though. He will have a TON OF FUN. You can follow his adventures on this blog and over at LetsGoSomewhereon730. Congratulations, Rocket!

This photograph was taken moments after Tad Hills told the REAL Rocket that PLUSH Rocket is going on vacation. 


  1. Rocket is the perfect mascot. Such a gentle and inquisitive little guy. Have fun, Rocket!

  2. Love that bottom photo! The real Rocket really wants to go too!

  3. Love Rocket also. But the big question is where are you going?!


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