#Holdshelf Gallery: April/May 2014

Thank you for sharing your hold shelves with Travis Jonker and me. I love seeing what kids around the world are placing on hold. 

First up, Mr. Jonker's shelf: 

Here is my hold shelf:

Krista's shelf: 

Amanda's shelf: 

Susan's shelf: 

Carrie's shelf: 

Tricia's shelf: 

Debra's shelf: 

Mary Todd's shelf: 

LibLaura5's shelf: 

Tanya's shelf: 

Potomac Library's shelf: 

Donna's shelf: 

LeAnn's shelf:
Rebecca's shelf: 

Stacy's shelf: 

Michelle's shelf: 

Sue's shelf: 

Barbara's shelf: 

Mary Clark's shelf: 

Sandy's shelf: 

Doree's shelf: 

Kathy's shelf: 

Diane's shelf: 

Thank you! 


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