The Newbery Challenge: Flora and Ulysses

Wow! It has been a long time since Mr. Colby Sharp and I have posted a Newbery Challenge video. Thankfully, we filmed the 2014 video together. 

Flora and Ulysses: The Illuminated Adventures by Kate DiCamillo; illustrated by K.G. Campbell | Candlewick Press | 2014 Newbery Medal 

Wow! What a MEMORY! :) 

Download the Flora and Ulysses discussion guide. 

Download "A Conversation with the Author." 

Kate visited Red Balloon Bookshop on December 7, 2013. 

Kate DiCamillo presented at the 2009 National Book Festival.

"I decided a long time ago," DiCamillo says, "that I didn't have to be talented. I just had to be persistent."

You don't want to miss this interview with Kate DiCamillo.

Kate DiCamillo received the 2013 Kerlan Award. 

Travis Jonker and I named Bink and Gollie the best book of 2010. 

"Holy bagumba, Kate DiCamillo, superheroine, you have done it again—created a book that is a joy for adults and children alike. It is perfect as a family read-aloud or for an adult/child reading group." - Anita Silvey 

Mr. Travis Jonker sat down with Ambassador Kate. 

Kate DiCamillo wants to spread the joy of reading. 

Newbery Medalists Katherine Paterson and Kate DiCamillo discuss writing contemporary fiction. 

"I would never be a writer unless I wrote something." -Kate DiCamillo

This video made me laugh out loud multiple times.  


  1. I adore everything in this post.

  2. You know, I can hardly believe that over the past couple years (largely because of you, then because of clicking links upon links, I've actually watched EVERY video of Kate that's posted here! Loved them ALL :)

    And the one with you and Colby actually got me choked up. I already posted on his blog saying how I should start calling you "Barbara" and "Walters"! ;)

  3. I love watching your videos both and seeing the obvious passion you have for books and sharing them with people. Well done to Kate DiCamillo for the win and the book is now on my to read list!


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