Road Trip Advice for Rocket

Every year when we hit the road we bring along a new mascot. We know what to expect on our fabulously fun road trips, but sometimes our mascot is unsure and a bit apprehensive. They have heard of being left alone in a hotel room while John and Donna go eat, or have heard rumors of hours spent in a dark bag or purse waiting to see daylight, or even horror stories of accidentally being dropped onto the dirt. This year some of our past mascots joined forces to calm Rocket’s nerves and to offer some advice that will guarantee a successful trip.

Babymouse said, “Road trips are filled with activities from morning to night. Sometimes you just need to remember to stop and smell the flowers.”

Ivan suggested, “You will be in the car with the same people for hours on end. Sometimes you may start to go a little batty and feel like getting short with someone. Remember to always CHOOSE KIND.  

Frankie Pickle remembered feeling tired and that McDonald’s stops were life savers. He instructed Rocket to, “Always get the largest Diet Coke possible when stopping at McDonald's. Don’t forget to order it with extra ice. It can get really hot out.”

Argyle warned, “Sometimes, late at night, you may be a little sleep deprived and things may appear to be what they are not. Actually, sometimes things can seem downright scary, especially when on isolated roads. Do not watch any horror movies before the trip. It will only increase your overactive imagination.”


Not surprisingly, Ivan seconded Argyle’s advice.


Scaredy Squirrel told Rocket that he should not always feel as though he needed to go to costly attractions. He wisely stated, “Sometimes the best things in life are free.”

Pigeon, once again, was a bit self-centered and jealous that he does not get to join in the fun again. He taunted Rocket and said, “Good luck. You’ve got big boots to fill.”

Knuffle Bunny explained, “You may think you are driving forever and might wonder if you are ever going to get to your destination. You will. Remember, it’s a small world after all.”

We hope Rocket heeds their advice. He will have plenty of advice to share with next year's mascot.

(This post was written by Donna for Let's Go Somewhere on 7/30.)


  1. Thank goodness SOMEONE is looking out for Rocket (with the exception, perhaps, of Pigeon)! Happy Trails!


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