Happy Friendship Day!

Hip, hip, hooray! Today is Friendship Day! I'm celebrating Friendship Day by reading Mike Curato's Little Elliot, Big City during my annual road trip. It is a perfect friendship story. 

Paul Bunyan could help Elliot reach the counter the next time he wants to buy a cupcake. 

I think that large dinosaur would be a great friend to Elliot. 

Elliot loves the Badlands. 

Little Elliot and I are currently in Colorado. I wonder where he will stop today! :) 


Rocket and Elliot are good friends. 

I read Little Elliot, Big City in front of an AWESOME Little Free Library in Loveland, Colorado. 

I left a copy of Little Elliot, Big City in a Little Free Library in Denver, Colorado. 

Rocket poses with Elliot. 

Doesn't this photograph make you smile from ear to ear? 

I hope a child discovered Little Elliot, Big City shortly after we left him in this Little Free Library. 

I am participating in the Little Elliot, Big City blog tour on August 31. Take a look at all of the stops.  

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Check out www.LittleElliotBigCity.com to learn more about Elliot. 


  1. I still haven't read this book! Really need to! Have fun in Colorado :D


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