The Life of Zarf Trifecta

Fact: The Nerdy Book Club, Colby Sharp, and I are celebrating Life of Zarf: The Trouble with Weasels today. 

Fact: I purchased Life of Zarf for my school library on September 9. Five students have already read and raved about it. 

Fact: I emailed my fourth and fifth graders about Life of Zarf on Sunday. Less than twenty-four hours later, 16 students have placed it on hold. 

Fact: Lauren Donovan described Life of Zarf as "Wimpy Kid meets Shrek."

Fact: Penguin posted four promotional videos. 

1. The Social Ladder at Cotswin Middle School

2. Zarf's archenemy, the prince, attempts to drink from the water fountain. 

3. Zarf gets called to the principal's office...again. 

4. Kevin loses it in the cafeteria. 

Opinion: You're going to love Colby's blog post about Life of Zarf

"When I was a kid, I know my parents were concerned. I loved tv. I mean, I really loved it.  Reruns of Gilligan’s Island, Leave it to Beaver, The Brady Bunch…even My Three Sons, though I’m not sure what I saw in that one. Prying me and my Welch’s Grape Soda off the couch was no easy task. Putting a book in my hands?  Forget it." - Rob Harrell 

Borrow Life of Zarf: The Trouble with Weasels from your school or public library. Whenever possible, please support independent bookshops. 


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