A Magnificent Monday with Raina Telgemeier

Raina Telgemeier Day was a HUGE success! Raina captivated the audience with her interesting and dynamic presentation. She made child after child SMILE during the book signing. I will ask my students to reflect on the experience throughout the week. I'll add their comments to the end of this blog post. For now, I hope you enjoy looking at photographs and vine videos from the event. 

Cupcakes + 2 cakes = an incredible creation

The dessert table is always a big hit with my students. 

This is what Raina saw as she entered the building. 

Raina drew during the Q&A. 

The signing is always my favorite part. 

“Raina was really funny. I liked her sense of humor.” -4th Grader

“My favorite part was when she drew Raina riding a dog.” -4th Grader

“I enjoyed learning more about her childhood.” -4th Grader

“It was cool meeting Raina’s husband. I liked his green hair.” -4th Grader

“I liked when she talked about how her brother Will is now a DJ.” -4th Grader

“I liked when she told us a bit more about the stories in the books.” -4th Grader

“Learning about her journey to becoming a cartoonist was interesting.” -4th Grader

“I liked seeing the pictures of her dental records. She had a lot of cavities.” -4th Grader

“I liked her sarcasm.” -4th Grader

“I liked when she asked us ideas for her drawing.” -4th Grader

“She answered our questions very well.”
-4th Grader

More Comments COMING SOON!

Author-illustrator Dave Roman surprised Raina by showing up in Naperville last night. He ALSO visited my school today. My favorite moment was when a fifth grader spotted Dave and said, "Hey! That's Dave Roman." His green hair was a big hit, too. :) 

Thank you, Dave! 


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