A Wonderful Wednesday with Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen

My first and second graders have been preparing for Mac Barnett and Caldecott Medalist Jon Klassen's visit to our library since the first day of school. We declared today Barnett-Klassen Day! 

My students did everything they could to become Mac and Jon experts. They read their books, watched videos, created art, and participated in activities that extended and made their books more real. All of these activities made Barnett-Klassen Day extremely meaningful and memorable. Take a look...

Special water bottles for two special guys. 

This is what everyone saw as they entered the school. 

Every student wore a sticker to the author visit. 

Isn't this the coolest cake? 

We sang "Happy Birthday" to Sam and Dave Dig a Hole. 

Mac read aloud Sam and Dave Dig a Hole

I taught three first-grade classes in the afternoon. I asked them to share their thoughts about Barnett-Klassen Day. I typed exactly what they said. No editing. 

"I think Mac Barnett is very funny." 

"I learned that you become a better writer by reading a lot of books. Mac even reads books that he does not like." 

"I think Mac and Jon were really funny." 

"Jon was wearing a hat." 

"They are friends in real life. The make funny books together."

"I think Mac and Jon are very smart."

"Jon is hilarious. "

"Mac is a good writer."

"Sam and Dig dig a huge hole.

"Many people had different ideas about the ending of Sam and Dave Dig a Hole. I'm going to re-read it tonight." 

"I like when Sam and Dave dig a hole. My favorite part is when they fall from the sky. "

"We saw so many different changes at the end of the book."

"I liked in Sam and Dave Dig a Hole how you can see differences at the end of the book from the beginning of the book."

"I like the part when Mac went crazy on the drawing pad."

"Sam and Dave Dig a Hole has a surprise ending. I loved it." 

"Mac is the one who writes the words. Jon draws the pictures." 

"I love your books, Mac and Jon!. Thank you!"

"My favorite part of the visit was when Jon drew a turtle and a dog." 

"The reader knows more about what is happening than Sam and Dave do. We could see where the diamond was."

"We noticed that the dog never falls asleep during the book."

"There is a different house at the end of the book." 

"Mac went crazy."

"I really liked the part when they read us their new book." 

"My favorite part was when we sang 'Happy Birthday' to Sam and Dave Dig a Hole." 

"I liked the part when Mac was writing on the board. He drew a person. He kept going around and around and around and around. It was very funny."

"Mac and Jon were nice." 

"I drew a city with glasses in my spiral notebook. I made a big circle and kept going around just like Mac did." 

"I love your books. Thank you for coming to my school." 

"I liked when Jon and Mac answered our questions." 


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