Holdshelf Gallery: October 2014

I have a large group of students who visit the library almost every day to place books on hold and to check on the status of their holds. After they place a book on hold or pick up a special book that is waiting for them on the hold shelf, they often look at displays, have conversations with me, and find something they didn't know they needed. The hold shelf brings readers to the library. 

Let's take a look at what readers around the world are excited to read. 

 Mr. Travis Jonker's shelf 

My shelf 

Danielle Wing's shelf 

Dana Paulson's shelf 

Mrs. Burkemper's shelf 

Laura Given's shelf 

Chris Abbott's shelf 

Diane Brown's shelf 

Kathy Kaldenberg's shelf 

LeeAnn Miller's shelf 

Michelle Splat's shelf 

Jennifer Gordon's shelf 

Erica Bretall's shelf 

Jamie Little's shelf 

Mary Clare O'Grady's shelf 

WMJH's shelf 

Sandy Richards' shelf 

Carolyn Vibbert's shelf 

Tammy Langeberg's shelf 

Stacy Ford's shelf 

Coonley's shelf 

Lauren Newman's shelf 

Brooke King's shelf 

Elsa Prettol's shelf 

Marci Johnstone's shelf 

Carter Higgins' shelf 

Rebecca Wynkoop's shelf 

Erin the Librarian's shelf 

Matt Ostrowsky's shelf 

Abby Cooper's shelf 

CWE Media Center's shelf 

Amy Kline's shelf 

Cherity's shelf 

Lori Lieberman's shelf 

Franklin School's shelf 

Mary Clark's shelf 

Jen K's shelf 

Rio Community Library's shelf 

Gayle Rosengren's shelf 

Tonya Tjarks' shelf 

Paige Ysteboe's shelf 

Rena Citrin's shelf 


  1. This is just fantastic! Gives me happy chills every time :) Thanks for sharing, everyone!


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