The Quirks in Circus Quirkus by Erin Soderberg

I am celebrating the paperback release of The Quirks in Circus Quirkus with Erin Soderberg. She dropped by to chat with me about magical misfits, Kelly Light, Scooby-Doo, school libraries, and puppies. I wrote the words in red, and she wrote the words in black. Thank you, Erin! 

The paperback edition of The Quirks in Circus Quirkus is more delicious, more nutritious, and a whole lot more fabulous than circus peanuts (which are kind of gross, by the way). It’s also book two in my series of books about a quirky family of magical misfits—but you can read ’em in any order!

Molly and Penelope are the high-flying stars of Circus Quirkus, along with their mischievous, lovable, invisible little brother, Finn.

Kelly Light’s illustrations are so fun! One of the best parts of the writing process is getting to see the scenes I’ve written brought to life in pictures. 

The Quirks and the Quirkalicious Birthday will be in stores on January 13, 2015. (Don’t tell the others, but this is my favorite Quirks book yet!)

Kate Howard is the not-so-secret pseudonym for an author whose name starts with Er- and ends with –oderberg. Good ol’ Kate writes a lot of books about Scooby-Doo and Lego characters to help Erin pay the bills.

School libraries are the place some kids (uh…me) hide to escape recess in elementary school. Got my first job in fourth grade: shelving books in the school library after lunch! And I spent my summer days in my town’s public library, curled up on a ratty orange sofa, devouring The Baby-sitter’s Club and Ramona and Sweet Valley High and Nancy Drew (can you tell I love series?!).

Mr. Schu, you should have asked me about my super-fun new chapter book series, Puppy Pirates, that sets sail on July 7, 2015. It’s about a crew of adventurous puppies...that are pirates (the title really says it all). My own pup, a lovable goofball named Wally, is the star of the series!

I am giving away three paperback copies of The Quirks in Circus Quirkus

Rules for the Giveaway 

1. It will run from 10/9 to 11:59 PM on 10/11. 

2. You must be at least 13. 

3. Please pay it forward. 

Borrow The Quirks in Circus Quirkus from your school or public library. Whenever possible, please support independent bookshops. 


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