Book Trailer Premiere: Books for Me by Sue Fliess and Mike Laughead

I'm so excited to share my upcoming book about...books! Books for Me! is the third adventure for the young hippo (Shoes for Me! and A Dress for Me! are the others), and this time she goes on an outing with her dad to the library to find something to read. She pores over the stacks, imagining herself in all kinds of stories. "Books on jungles, lion kings, monsters, creatures, wild things. Mermaids, dragons in my hands. I escape to other lands." It's about the joy of discovering books and the wonder that is the library. But there are so many books to choose from, how will she choose just one? Maybe she doesn't have to...Enjoy the trailer and visit your local library soon! 

Books for Me by Sue Fliess; illustrated by Mike Laughead | Publication date: January 13


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