Cover Reveal for Mike Curato's Little Elliot, Big Family

You already know how I feel about Little Elliot. I premiered his book trailer, tweeted multiple times about his plush, took him on my reading road trip, and named his first book, Little Elliot, Big City, one of the top books of 2014. I cannot get enough of that adorable elephant. 

You're in for a BIG treat today! Alyson, Cynthia, Katherine, Colby and I have joined forces to reveal the cover for Mike Curato'Little Elliot, Big Family. Make sure you visit each blog to view a special interior spread. 

You're smiling from ear to ear right now, correct? I'm sorry that you have to wait until October 6 to read it. It is worth the wait, though. 

Wouldn't this look great framed on your wall? I'm looking at you, Margie Myers-Culver! 

I premiered the book trailer for Little Elliot, Big City during the Little Elliot trifecta. 

Download the Little Elliot, Big City activity kit. 

Read about how Mike Curato created this display for Books of Wonder

I donated Little Elliot, Big City to a Little Free Library on Friendship Day


  1. I love how each blog featured something different in their posts. :-) Such a treat and I love Little Elliot. Can't wait for the plush to become available.

  2. We are overflowing with plush... but I think we'll have to make room for Little Elliot. Looking forward to BIG FAMILY.

  3. I'm so excited for the next Little Elliot book... as is my daughter!


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